This academic monograph reports a decade of lace-maker Cecilia Heffer’s practice-led research. There is a mix of scholarly writing, personal reflections on Cecilia’s inspiration and creative process, photographs documenting exhibitions and also research and process work.

This is an experimental publication model conceived by Zoë Sadokierski for the MediaObject book series and produced with support from the UTS Library and UTS ePress. The publication is composed of:

  • A seven-minute video documenting Cecilia creating the lace-work Drawn Threads, via the UTS Library Vimeo site;
  • A limited edition artist’s book with lace samples bound into the pages, publicly available through selected libraries and museums including UTS Library, SLNSW, SLV;
  • An Open Access digital edition of the book which can be downloaded via UTS ePress;
  • A print-on-demand edition of the book, available to purchase in hardback ($49.45 +shipping) or paperback ($32.99 +shipping):

Through these different components, we can watch Cecilia’s lace-making innovations in the documentary video, read critical reflections on her research and creative process, and handle lace samples. This combination affords a holistic understanding of Cecilia’s practice-led research and material output.