A Field Guide to Avian Titled Literature

Cloth bound Z-fold book.
Silver foil cover.
Edition of 3.

A z-fold book created as an ‘exegesis’ explaining the research aims and design process behind an installation at the UTS Library. The installation was a collaboration with my colleague Kate Sweetapple. We were commissioned by our university library to ‘activate’ the central stairwell, inviting students and staff to think about the library as a site for playfulness as well as scholarly research.

If you hold an open book upside down, it looks a bit like a bird. If you fold its pages to form wings, it hangs like a bird in flight. We found 30 novels with a species of bird in the title – To Kill a MockingbirdOne Flew Over the Cuckoo’s NestThe Eagle Has Landed, etc. – and suspended them as a flock in the central stairwell.

Don’t panic, these are remainder books bought for $1 at a discount bookstore, not library books. If we hadn’t re-purposed them they would eventually have been pulped.

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