Writers’ Typewriters Concertina

Concertina fold book
Offset lithographic print, rich black ink on 270gsm Mohawk Via Smooth (eggshell).
175 x 605mm (pre-folded length)
Edition of 50.

For a 2011 exhibition Type Horses: Writers and their typewriters (Blank_Space gallery, Sydney) I produced a series of offset lithographic prints at the Big Fag Press. There was a strip of unused space on the printing plate, so I ran a series of the typewriter drawings from a larger print along the edge, allowing me to produce an extra edition of these concertina books alongside the large poster works. Each concertina book is hand folded and signed. The drawings were made from photographs of each writer’s actual typewriter – from machines held in the collections of libraries and museums, or from publicity photographs of the authors at their writing machines.

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