Australian jeweller George Plionis’ first exhibition upon moving to NYC, titled ‘Mariposa’, was presented at Fitzgerald Jewelry, Brooklyn. The exhibition catalogue includes collaborations with fashion designer Timo Rissanen, ceramicist Andrew Robinson, photographer Mariano Garcia, stylist Ellen Schiavone Pande-Rolfsen and designer Zoë Sadokierski.

I produced this series of collages in response to George’s theme of Mariposa, which he explains in the catalogue essay:

In a specific cultural context, the word ‘Mariposa’ has dual meaning, butterfly and gay. It is this subtext that has particular significance for this body of work. The hidden meaning creates another space in which to explore the duality of the pieces. We need not identify with one gender in relation to the work. Rather, the aim of the work invites us to ‘try gender on’, and as a result, just be with the work, regardless of who we are and how we ordinarily perceive ourselves.